Video One: Where Are We Headed?

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“Where Are We Headed?,” the video below, is the first of a series of five short videos created to call your attention to and provoke thinking and conversation about new reproductive and genetic technologies that have the potential to alter human nature. Videos 2 through 5 will be released, one each month, from June through September. The series is designed to promote a grassroots public conversation about both the benefits and the risks of these technologies. We all want to prevent disease and relieve suffering, but do we want to alter the very meaning of human nature?

We urge you o consider the questions presented in each video in this series, use the resources at to learn more, talk with your family, friends, and neighbors, keep learning and talking, and get involved as you see fit—as soon as you can. Time is of the essence. The technology is being developed very rapidly. We all have to work hard to ensure that Americans from all walks of life have a say in what should—and should not—be done—before it’s too late.

Take a look at our first video below. The next video will be released on June 5. Please sign up for our RSS Feed and we’ll let you know when it’s released. (continue below)

Why do you need to be a part of this conversation? Lightning-fast developments in genetic, reproductive, biomedical, and other technologies are driving us into new, uncharted, and potentially dangerous territory. The momentum of technological development and market dynamics is considerable. In addition, a small but vocal group of people who call themselves “transhumanists” is strongly promoting a future in which human beings are technologically re-engineered.

According to the mission statement of a transhumanist organization called Humanity+, human nature is a “work-in progress, a half-baked beginning that we can learn to remold in desirable ways. Current humanity need not be the endpoint of evolution.” A conference next month called the H+ Summit will explore “how humanity will be radically changed by technology in the near future.”

The transhumanist campaign underscores the pressing need for all citizens to get up to speed—and quickly—on a wide range of technologies with profound implications for us as human beings. It also points to an urgent need for diverse voices and diverse points of view to join in the public conversation about the use of these technologies.

BioConversations is designed to bring more people into this crucial conversation. We urge you to use the resources on this site and spark a conversation about these new groundbreaking technologies by sharing these resources with your family, friends, and neighbors—-and keep the conversation going.

Sign up for the RSS Feed and we’ll let you know as soon as the next video is released. We welcome your comments and reactions. Please share them at the link below.


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