The mission of BioConversations is to call public attention to and stimulate conversation about new technologies that are transforming how some people have children–and that could irreversibly alter our human nature.

BioConversations will: 1) present five videos to get you thinking; 2) raise questions for you to consider and discuss so that you can help spark conversations about this crucial issue; and 3) offer links to resources for you to learn more about these new technologies and their implications.

WHY? A New World

Ads offering college students with the “right” looks and SAT scores $5,000, $50,000, even $100,000 dollars for their eggs. Companies selling genetic tests to predict children’s traits and abilities. Fertility clinics offering to make babies to meet designated specifications. New reproductive and genetic technologies are taking us places that we have never been before. They are changing how some people have children, and the kind of children they have.

Many reproductive and genetic technologies are beneficial and being used responsibly. But some applications may lead to irreversible alterations of the human species—even to the division of human society into genetic “haves” and “have-nots.” Science fiction is becoming science fact.

As mothers, fathers, and caregivers, we try to do what’s best for our children. As citizens and members of communities, we want the best for all children. But with new genetic and reproductive technologies, deciding what’s best is getting to be a very complicated matter.

Assisted reproductive technologies have helped many people form families. But little has been heard about the implications of these new baby-making technologies from mothers, fathers, and other caregivers, including those whose children have been conceived using the technologies.

How far would you go? How far should we as a society go? These are the urgent questions posed by BioConversations—questions we all need to answer.

The Urgent Need to Get Up to Speed

So far, the public conversation about ground-breaking new technologies has been led by scientists, researchers, and biotech entrepreneurs. Mothers, fathers, and other people who are responsible for caring for and nurturing children have not been a part of the conversation.

But we cannot afford to stay on the sidelines.

The discussions and decisions about potentially world-changing technologies should not be monopolized by any single group.  As parents and caregivers, we have obligations to our children. We must be part of the conversation and decision-making about these technologies.

The first step is to inform ourselves—and quickly. These technologies are being developed at such a dizzying pace that it is difficult keep up.  But keep up we must. We cannot let the uses of these technologies get so far ahead of us that we lose all ability to have our say and help make decisions about them.

BioConversations is for those of us who care about–and for—children.  It is designed to help get us up to speed on new technologies that are transforming human reproduction—and to get us thinking and talking about their implications. This site is to help us as caregivers think about what is best for our children and for ourselves, and what is best for us as a human society.